Class Schedule

We are currently building our class schedule and will offer more and more group classes as the time goes by. If you are a party of 3-4 people and have a particular time that would fit for your group, let us know as we most likely would be able to add that time on to our schedule as a regular class. 

As of right now we are offering these weekly group classes
(with a maximum of 4 people per class)

2pm - Jillian

6:30 am - Adrienne
10:00 am - Matt
11:00 am - Matt
1:00pm - Amanda
7:00pm - Amanda

10:00am - Amanda
11:00am - (Jumpboard)Amanda
4:00pm - Matt
7:00pm - Adrienne

9am - Amanda
    10am - Amanda   
6:30pm - Matt

6:30am - Adrienne
9am - Matt
10am - Matt
4pm - Amanda

9:00 am - Amanda / Jillian
10:00am -  (Jump board)Amanda / Jillian
11:00am - Amanda / Jillian
12:00pm - Amanda / Jillian

For more information or to get help with booking your private / group class, contact us by sending us a text, give us a call or send us an email and we will get back to you shortly!

(916) 886-4649