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Online Nutritiona Coaching

Nutritional Coaching

We often forget the importance of nutrition. We can look at food being the materials our body needs to maintain and constantly renew the whole system. If we don't give our bodies the right nutrients or the variety needed, our structure can only last for so long.


With time different symptoms will arrive which the body often can heal if we just support it correctly, eating a variety of healthy foods, incorporating some targeted supplements as well as making sure we are exercising, sleeping and detoxifying our system the best way possible.


When the body is out of its natural balance, different symptoms you might experience can be (but are not limited too): Weight Gain, Weight Loss, Chronic Pain,  Arthritis, Thyroid issues, Osteoporosis, Mood Swings, Memory Issues, Brain fog, Fatigue, Headaches, allergies, Irregular Bowl Movement, Bloating, Skin Issues, ADHD, Autoimmune Disease, Fibromyalgia, Degenerated Disk issues etc etc.

Our Nutritional Coaching is a customized program where you will be working one on one with our nutritionist Amanda. Together you'll make sure to reach your specific health goals wither it is weight loss, chronic pain or any other condition. 

Nutritional Coaching Memberships:

$149 / Month

Included in your membership:

Data Collection:

we will start by collecting as much information from you as possible to get a great understanding about you, your current situation and what your goals are. This will be done through a questionnaire as well as a food log and depending on your goals we might also take measurements and photos at this point to create a great baseline that we can compare with later.

Weekly Video Checkups

We are using an app called Marco Polo (free of charge) for our video checkups. After your initial Data Collection our nutritionist will look everything over and share with you her idea on how to move forward in order to meet your goals. Thereafter, you will upload your weekly papers (see below under individualized plan) and each week our nutritionist will send you a new video talking about your progress and how to move forward and what to focus on for the following week.  If you have any questions, you can always send a video back or message our nutritionist and shw will get back to you quickly.

Individualized plan:

We make it easy for you to succeed. All you have to do is to follow the weekly plan that we will provide. Your plan is personalized and can include, but is not limited to, diet, fitness, stress management, supplementation, lifestyle changes and will be based on your health goals. We start simple with just a few changes and each week we add a little bit more to your weekly plan, slowly creating new health habits. Each week you will fill out the plan and send a picture of it at the end of the week so that we can see how your week went and if there is anything we will have to address.

Individualized “symptom log”

Throughout the week you will fill out a symptom log that is based on your personal symptoms and issues that you might have had when you first reached out to us. This way we can track any changes in how you are feeling as well as tracking your weight (if weight loss is one of your goals with the program).

Daily Food Pictures

We will also create a shared folder where you are able to upload any food pictures or anything else that you buy and want our nutritionist to look over. For best results, we recommend that you upload a photo every time that you are eating so that our nutritionist can give you feedback throughout the week as well and so that you are holding yourself accountable. We found that the client that is really on top of always uploading their food pictures before they eat, end up meeting their goals quicker and feel better overall. 


Our Nutritional Coaching is currently FULL

If you are interested, Add yourself to the waitlist below and we will reach out to you as soon as we have a spot available.

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Nutritional Coaching
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