Reformer Pilates 

 Group Classes

Our group classes are a fun way of getting a great workout while still being easy on the body due to the very low impact when using the Pilates Reformer Machine. Reformer Pilates targets the deep muscles that is crucial for injury prevention and to live a pain free life. It is therefor a great way to get in shape and/or overcome any current aches and pains throughout the body. 

We are always working in small groups, with only 6 reformers the instructor will be able to help out and make sure that all participants are able to follow along. We are always able to modify any movements as needed due to injuries or other issues.

All levels are welcome!

 Private Classes

Are you looking to get the most out of each Pilates session? With our Private Pilates Classes it's only you and the instructor who will focus the whole hour on your body's needs and what to do in order to reach your goals. This is a great solution if you are dealing with lots of aches and pains as the instructor will find ways of strengthening and lengthening your body in order to overcome your current issues with time. 

Privates is also a good option if you are new to Pilates or if you have specific goals that you would like to reach.

Class Schedule

We are currently building our class schedule and will offer more and more group classes as the time goes by. If you are a party of 3-5 people and have a particular time that would fit for your group, let us know as we most likely would be able to add that time on to our schedule as a regular class. We are planning
on expanding our class schedule a lot in the near future!

As of right now we are offering these weekly group classes
(with a maximum of 5 people per class)


2pm - Jillian

3pm - Jillian


6:00 am - Adrienne

10:00 am - Matt

1:00pm - Amanda

3:00pm - Amanda


10:00am - Amanda

11:00am - (Jumpboard)Amanda

4:00pm - Matt

9am - Matt

    10am - Matt   
6:30pm - Matt


6:30am - Amanda

9am - Matt

10am - Matt

4pm - Amanda


9:00 am - Amanda / Jillian

10:00am -  (Jump board)Amanda / Jillian

11:00am - Matt / Jillian

12:00pm - Matt / Jillian

For more information or to get help with booking your private / group class, contact us by sending us a text, give us a call or send us an email and we will get back to you shortly!

(808) 203 70 97

Pilates Prices

Group Classes

Platinum Membership - $256/month ($16.18/class) - Includes 16 classes/month

Gold Membership - $204/month ($17/class) - Includes 12 classes/month

Silver Membership - $156/month ($19.5/class) - Includes 8 classes/month

Bronze Membership - $82/month ($20.5/class) - Includes 4 classes/month

10 Pack Clip Card - $220 ($22/class) - Includes 10 classes with no expiration 

Private Classes

Intro to Privates deal:
Your first  3 Privates for $195 ($65/private)


 Single Private = $85

 3 Privates = $240 ($80/private) 

 5 Privates = $375 ($75/class)

 10 Privates = $650 ($65/class)

Semi-Private Classes

 First Semi-Private = $42.5/person ($85 in total)


 Single Semi-Private = $52.5/person/class ($105*)

 5 Semi-Privates = $45/person/class ($450*)

 10 Semi-Privates = $40/person/class ($800*)

 20 Privates = $35/person/class ($1400*)

*  = total price for two


(916) 886-4649

705 Gold Lake Dr, Suite 120
Folsom, CA 95630


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