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Class Description 

Pilates Class

Our traditional Pilates class. This is a low impact workout class where we are using the reformer machine to challenge our muscles, body stability and flexibility. We focus on good posture and lots of good core work where we get into our deeper muscles in a good way. 

Strength and Lengthening Reformer Class

In this Reformer class we are focusing on our deeper self and trying to release tension by incorporating more stretching poses with longer holds. We are also working on the strengthening of the body and trying to get in touch with our deeper stability muscles. This class offers a great balance between activation and release, perfect for you who wants to get a bit deeper into the stretching poses in comparison to our regular Pilates classes. When leaving this class you will most likely feel relaxed and revived. 

Pilates Basic Class

This is the perfect class for beginners or if you have any injury / body ache that you are trying to rehab. We are able to modify any movement for your ability/level. We are working on the basic movements while still making it challenging. This class also offers a bit extra stretching to make sure we release any built up tension.

Barre / Pilates Combo Class

In this class you will get the best of two worlds. We are working at the barre as well as on the floor using fun props like hand weights, exercise bands, exercise balls etc. We will also take advantage of the reformer machines and do some fun sequences making you leave feeling toned and loosened up at the same time. Barre is an empowering and energizing workout format that has been proven to create long, lean and powerful muscles. Come and check it out for yourself!

Jumpboard Pilates Class

A Pilates reformer class that incorporates some great cardio. By attaching a Jumpboard at the end of the reformer we get the chance of doing low impact cardio style movements in a Pilates way. It is fun, it is challenging and it is a great workout!  


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