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Personal Training

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If you are looking to really take your health and strength to the next level, then Personal Training is for you. We offer one on one sessions as well as small groups with two or three people per session, in our gym facility here in the heart of Folsom. Our personal trainer, Matt Salyer is highly knowledgeable and very passionate about weight training and goes way beyond to make sure you see results while also having a great time in the gym. Depending on your goals, we can work with anything from band resistance work, cardio training, interval training, free weight training, balance work, rehabilitation movements as well as strength training where we work on the compound lifts.


As we age, strength training becomes more and more important in order to keep our bones healthy and our muscle mass alive. Strength Training is also a great way to loose body fat as muscle burns more calories even when we are not working out. So the stronger you are, the more you burn and the better your metabolism is. 

We highly recommend the combination of Personal Training together with Pilates and our Nutritional Coaching in order to achieve the absolute best results.

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